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Insurance Claims

Storm damage can have a very negative impact to your home especially to your roof. Hail stones ranging from as little as .75” can create damage to your roof especially if driven by strong winds in excess of 50 mph. Although you may not experience immediate leaking in your home or broken shingles around your home, a hailstorm can and will leave damages to your roof. Especially signs of damage to soft metals (aluminum vents) and bruising to your shingles. Your shingles will continue to deteriorate of its asphalt granules allowing for more severe damage if experienced by another storm which can result in thousands of dollars of costly repairs to your home both externally and internally.

The good news: Your home insurance covers you and your home from severe weather storm damage. Our fully trained and experience team can assist you in getting approved with your insurance company to have the damages repaired or replaced.

The bad news: You have only 365 days from the date of the storm to file a claim. The faster you act the higher the chance that your home will be approved with less chance of the damages spreading causing even more costly damages to your home. You may be confronted by many contracting and restoration companies offering their services to you only to disappoint you in the long run either by getting you declined with the insurance company or using cheaper products on your home. It is your home so make sure that you make the right choice the first time.


GAIUS Construction has fully trained and experienced contractors that will thoroughly inspect your home for all weather related damages. They will guide you through the claims process, will fully prepare your home ready for the insurance adjuster and will professionally negotiate with the insurance company adjuster to ensure that you are paid out the highest amount possible to fulfill all of your home repair needs.

GAIUS Construction have a very high successfully approval rate due to our honest, loyal and dedicated standing with insurance companies and our knowledge and methods used to prepare your home prior to inspections.


If you would like more information about our claims process or would like to request for a free inspection then simply contact us either by phone, fax, email or just by simply filling out and submitting our free inspection request form.