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“Nothing is more important than being able to provide a roof over our heads and our loved ones”! However many homeowners do not truly understand just how important their roof is in its overall structure and safety for their home.  Not only does it protect your home from rain, snow, ice, wind, hail and heat from the sun but it also plays an important role in the overall look and beauty of the house.

Just merely looking at your roof from the ground up, your roof may seem like it can withstand a few more years but is it really protecting your home as much as it should? The average lifespan of a roof is 20-30 years but due to fluctuating weather conditions, especially in the Midwest where we experience all four seasons, your roof must also battle against hailstorms, severe wind conditions, mold, extreme cold icy conditions and blistering hot summers that will drastically deteriorate the life of your shingles.

Without careful inspection of your roof, your shingles could be suffering from broken or cracked shingles, deterioration of asphalt causing the shingles to wear thin. You may have shingles that have become loose due to wind damage. Entry points where ice and water can seep through causing leaking or rotting to the deck weakening the structure of your roof that could become disastrous and costly to repair if your home is hit by another blizzard, wind or hailstorm.

If you are unsure of the condition of your roof then do not wait. You can request a free inspection from one our professional staff to carefully inspect your roof and offer you a full report of its condition.

GAIUS, Inc. is a fully experienced, licensed and certified roofing company that offers free no-obligation inspection and estimates. Our company offers only the best leading quality roofing shingle brands available in the market today. As a GAF-certified company we can also offer a 50-year to a limited lifetime warranty.