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Vinyl Siding has become a favorite choice among homeowners due to its low-maintenance and its higher energy efficient benefits.

If your home currently has Aluminum Siding and you are wonderful what are the benefits of switching to vinyl siding then please read the important facts below;

  • Vinyl Siding does not conduct heat or cold like Aluminum Siding. The heat and cold absorbed by Aluminum siding affects the temperature within your home resulting in higher heating and cooling bills. Replacing with Vinyl siding especially if accompanied with Fanfold Foam Insulation boards and Air/Moisture barrier will result in a more sound proof home and possibly saving you hundreds of dollars in costly annual heating and cooling bills.
  • Vinyl Siding is lot more durable than Aluminum siding due to its flexibility. Today’s premium siding is twice as thick as Aluminum siding making it a lot more resistant to severe weather conditions. Aluminum siding is thin and rigid resulting in easy damage.  Even a simple hailstorm or flying debris from a strong wind storm will leave dents on your Aluminum siding. The repair of Aluminum siding can become very time consuming and costly versus Vinyl Siding which can be easily removed without disturbing surrounding panels.
  • Aluminum siding goes through an oxidation process over time forming a white powdery layer on the surface than can result in unnecessary changes of clothing if you were to rub into it by accident. Oxidation also affects the overall look of your home. The color of your siding will appear faded and old looking. Vinyl Siding is a solid through coloring product that does easily fade.


Mastic Home Exteriors Vinyl Siding is an industry leading company producing building materials since 1932. Mastic Vinyl siding has become a favorite choice with GAIUS Construction due to its superior quality, price and it’s limited lifetime warranty.