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GAIUS did a great job for us, from start to finish. They are really experts at identifying storm damage, and they worked with my insurance adjuster to be sure that he could see all the damage. The owners and managers of this company are outstanding men of character. They watched over the work to ensure that everything was being done properly and they thoroughly inspected afterwards to be sure everything was just right.

On top of that, they’re really nice guys — always smiling! It’s a pleasure to have them around.

Rick Feldkamp (费瑞克)
What we appreciated about this was not only the amount of time GAIUS devoted to the damage assessment, but that they handled this with integrity: they identified dents and marks in the roof and siding that had distinctive features of hail damage, but didn’t exaggerate the amount of damage.

Materials were high quality, the work was done when planned, and fine roofing and siding crews were skilled, thorough, and efficient. They followed through on all the details we had agreed on, including replacing a section of plywood on the roof, installing ridge vents and new vent covers, and a double width of ice and water shield on the roof, and applying an extra layer of Styrofoam insulation on the walls.

In short, the house is beautiful, and we’re very happy with GAIUS’s workmanship and their customer service.

Jennifer Fenne & Keith Fabiola
December, 2011
Property in Sun Prairie, WI (Renstone Division)

We were THRILLED with the craftsmanship and work ethic that the entire team at GAIUS exhibited when we had our home resided and gutters installed.  This work was completed on time in December of 2011.  Everything from start to finish was communicated to us and what we could expect and WHEN to expect it.  They stepped us through and explained all of the contracts and paperwork and made sure that we were in charge of the decisions of material choice, color and installation dates.  We even asked them NOT to show up one day due to a family function and not wanting the extra noise of a remodel going on at the same time.  They were very accommodating.  I know that GAIUS chooses to go the extra mile in terms of material choice too.  Many of the other homes in our area were resided by ‘another company’ and the other company seemed to choose to cut corners by omitting some materials (close cell, fan-fold insulation) and, the other companies seemed to move with lightening speed which makes me wonder if they are not just another fly-by-night operation that is purely profit driven.  GAIUS truly has a higher calling.  They are detailed, professional, extremely competitive and really want you to be satisfied.  Choosing GAIUS is a solid choice that you will not regret.

Brian Goff